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Group Diabetes Prevention Programme 

Our face-to-face programme will help put your health back in your hands. Benefit from group support as you share experiences and learn how to reduce your risk together. 

Programme Length

9 months


Local community venues


2 hour group sessions. 4 fortnightly sessions and 9 monthly sessions

Session 0

1-1 Welcome Session

Get to know your coach in a 1-to-1 introductory session.

Sessions 1-12

Group Sessions on Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Alcohol, Mind

Each session begins by setting a goal you would like to achieve and reflecting on last week’s goal.

Learn about a new topic from our five pillars of health.

You will watch videos, engage in group discussion, complete activities and share your experiences.

Session 13

Planning, Reflection & Celebration!

As the programmes comes to an end you will reflect on the changes you’ve made, celebrate your successes and plan for your healthy future. 

What will I learn?

Find a healthy and balanced diet that works for you. Explore mindful eating principles and listening to hunger and fullness. All about food and mood and looking after your gut health.

Find movement you’ll love. Explore intuitive movement and exercise snacking. How to increase movement in a way that works for you.

How to build sustainable habits for good. Explore the role of stress and its impact on prediabetes. Learn more about emotions and self-care.

Learn more about hydration. Explore more about caffeine, soft drinks and alcohol. Find strategies to improve drinking habits.

Explore why we need sleep. Learn about the link between sleep and prediabetes. Find strategies for better sleep and more energy.

You'll also get:

Online gym

Tai Chi. Pilates. Armchair Aerobics. HIIT. Find a way of moving you enjoy with access to a free online gym. Part of the Healthier You programme. 


Find what works for you through reflection, planning and completing activities relevant to the five pillars of health by using the Healthier You journal.

Recipe booklet

We take the confusion out of healthy eating with 100’s of tasty recipes specifically for people with pre-diabetes. Reduce your risk with every meal. 

You’re not alone

Thousands of people have changed their lives with the support of the Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

Lose weight Gain confidence

Prevent type 2 diabetes, starting today