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Have you received a letter, text or email from your GP? Go to our self-registration page to sign up for our programme.

Get back to a healthier you, starting today

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Are you at risk of developing type 2 diabetes? 

In just 9 months you can prevent type 2 diabetes by joining our expert-led NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP).

Start reversing the risks of developing type 2 diabetes today with 1-1 coaching, group support and personalised advice around nutrition, movement and motivation. 

What’s type 2 diabetes and why prevent it?

If you’re prediabetic you might not experience any symptoms, but left unchecked, type 2 diabetes can cause potentially life-threatening complications. The good news is there are steps you can take, starting today, to prevent it from developing.

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Prevent type 2 diabetes in a way that suits you

Whether you speak a different language, prefer group support or want access to a digital programme – there’s an option for you. 

Our face-to-face group programme is run at a range of local venues. Meet like-minded people and attend group sessions each fortnight to learn about healthy living, share your experiences and reduce your risk together. 

Prefer a digital programme? Get free access to the Second Nature app where you will login each week and speak to your health mentor over the phone. 


Delivered though regular zoom or telephone calls. This programme is specifically designed to support:

  • Clients with visual / audio impairments
  • Women with a history of Gestational Diabetes 
  • Non-English speakers. Our courses can be delivered in Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali

Get back to a healthier you, starting today

We're in this together.

Thousands of people have changed their lives with the support of the Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

Need a helping hand?

We’ve got lots of expert information, tips and guidance to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and prevent type 2 diabetes. Take a look.

Lose weight Gain confidence

Prevent type 2 diabetes, starting today