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Vivienne’s diabetes prevention journey

Vivienne Turner joined our group programme in December 2022.

What was your goal at the start of the programme?

To get a clearer understanding of nutrition.

What are your goals now? 

Getting there, much more understanding and clearer as to what your body actually needs. 

What has been your biggest achievement? 

Not so focused on dieting – more eating healthily and knowing what is needed to maintain good health. 

What advice would you give to anyone who is unsure about joining? 

Join!! You learn a lot, even when you think you are eating the correct food. 

Potrzebujesz pomocnej dłoni?

Mamy wiele fachowych informacji, wskazówek i porad, które pomogą Ci prowadzić zdrowszy tryb życia i zapobiegać cukrzycy typu 2. Zapoznaj się z nimi.