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Prediabetic Concerns

Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Can’t find what you’re after? Our friendly team can help. Get in touch

Having diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be sugar-free. If you’re at risk of developing or have diabetes, the advice is still to follow a balanced diet that’s lower in fat, sugar and salt while still enjoying a variety of other foods, including those with some sugar.

Of course! There are no restrictions or rules to prevent you from going wherever you want in the world. As with any trip, the key is preparation and being ahead of the game so that your specific needs are catered for. Travelling opportunities introduce a range of new and exciting food and drink, so enjoy the variety while trying to maintain the foundation of a balanced diet as well.

All fruits contain natural sugar and so won’t raise our blood sugar levels in the same way or rate that table sugar does, so, yes, you can enjoy grapes. All fruits are also an excellent source of fibre and contain an array of vitamins and minerals that are key to making sure our immune system is working effectively. As with everything, nothing in excess is good for us so aim for a balanced approach when it comes to all food and drink.