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Introducing gloji gym

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No time or money to hit your local gym? Check out gloji gym, our free virtual gym. Learn more about it and get started today. 

Maybe you feel too intimidated to step into your local gym, or don’t want to spend money on a weights room you have no idea how to use. No problem, we’ve got the answer. Try our virtual gym, gloji gym. It’s free to use with Healthier You, giving you access to a huge range of movement sessions, all in the comfort of your own home. 

There’s something for everyone so don’t worry, whether you’re a total beginner or gym pro, we’ve got you covered. All you need is an internet connection and you’re away. Do what’s right for your body. Low impact yoga class? Can do! High intensity HIIT session? Not a problem. There’s a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions and you can do as many sessions as you like. 

Gloji Gym

We’ve got sessions of varying intensity, and you can always adapt exercises to make them more or less challenging. 

  • Low intensity is perfect if you’re looking for light activity that you feel you could carry on for hours, breathing easily and maintaining conversation. 
  • Moderate intensity is still somewhat comfortable but becoming noticeably more challenging. You’ll be breathing more heavily but still be able to hold a short conversation. 
  • High intensity activity feels like it would be hard to maintain for a long period, you’re out of breath and can only manage a few words. 

Want to try a session? Head to gloji gym to sign up for free. Answer a few questions about your current activity levels and we’ll suggest a few sessions to get you started. Don’t worry, you’re not restricted to these, you can pick whatever you like. 

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