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Without hesitation, deviation or repetition

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Do you ever get to the point where you feel your life is going well but every day feels like groundhog day? It’s easy to get stuck into patterns around eating and exercise but you can change and break the cycle.

When it comes to mealtimes, it’s easy to have the same breakfast or lunch, same weekly shopping list, cook the same meals, repeat the same exercise regime and hesitate to try something different. When habit takes over there is no challenge anymore.

The fun is in the challenge

The brain is a cheeky little organ. It switches repetitive activities to autopilot to save energy but we all need challenges. No doubt we should keep to the principles of healthy lifestyle without deviation, but the challenge is to avoid repetition!

The chances are, if we stick with the principles of a healthy diet, by going for a greater variety of foods, fruits and veg, meat, dairy, pulses, including oily fish, trying new recipes, or even cooking from scratch we’ll increase the challenge our brains are asking for, without (too much) repetition.

What you can you change this week to eliminate boredom and give your brain a little challenge?

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