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Share your success: tell others how you did it 

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During your weight loss journey, you may have decided to share your experiences with those around you. Once you’ve succeeded, you can inspire others and show them change is possible. 

Read all about it. Is that what you did when you first started thinking about improving your health and wellbeing? Did seeing someone in similar circumstances to you, successfully preventing diabetes and increasing their sense of vitality, persuade you to begin? This is the case for many people teetering on the edge of change, something, or someone, resonates. Once you’ve reached your goals and ambitions, shout it from the rooftops so you can inspire others. 

Your story matters 

We know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want to know about me losing a few pounds? Well, we’ll tell you why. Your story will strike a chord with others on many levels. People will recognise elements of your lifestyle or body that are similar to theirs. And they’ll be encouraged by your journey, perhaps enough so that they take their own first step. 

In many cases reading or watching others talk about the high and lows of their personal journeys helps to motivate us. A piece that shows how someone used a product or service and how it helped them is known as a case study. These can demonstrate how a product or service is applicable in real life, what problems they solve etc. They’re often used in research to develop new ideas and applications. 

Share your success and motivate others 

Case studies can be fantastic conversation starters, creating change and encouraging connections with those around you both on and offline. Here at Healthier You, we want to celebrate how far you’ve come and hope that you’re feeling (rightly) proud of yourself. We would love to be your biggest cheerleader and feature you in a case study that documents your own weight loss journey. You can share the highs, lows, the top tips and more that got you to your goals. We love to celebrate success and motivate others to reach their full potential. If you’re keen to join us and share your knowledge and experiences with others, get in touch to find out more. Send us an email to 

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