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Regaining your movement mojo

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Maybe it’s been a while since you were last active. Or maybe you’ve never really felt comfortable doing the activities you’ve tried. Here’s some top tips to inspire and motivate you to move more and reap the benefits. 

There can be many things that get in the way of us being active. Exercise and everyday movement is vital for our health and wellbeing, so let’s take a look at some solutions to get you going again. 

When are you most motivated? 

Your routine and habits will influence when you’re most motivated to be active. Do you bounce out of bed in the morning, or are you a night owl? Utilise your energy and work out when levels are high. 

Spice up your life 

Not only can it become monotonous doing the same old class or activity, our bodies become used to it and don’t benefit in the same way. Challenge yourself to try something new, it will break the boredom and test your muscles in different ways. Try a team sport, strength training, swimming, skating, horse riding or spin class. 

Turn up the tunes 

Adding music to almost any activity — from HIIT to housework — can boost our energy levels and make time fly by. Try creating playlists to accompany different activities, choosing high tempo songs for workouts like running and aerobics and slower tempo ones for strength training. 

Get comfortable 

Make sure that you are comfortable for whatever activity you’re doing: too hot, too cold or feeling embarrassed or inhibited is no good. Invest in some well-fitting trainers and activewear, it’ll make a real difference to how you feel when exercising. Top tips: 

  • Some people find the support offered by compression clothing helps them feel secure and less conscious when exercising 
  • A supportive sports bra/top can improve comfort no end, especially for high impact activities 
  • Choose hi-viz neon or reflective fabrics if you’ll be walking, cycling or running on or next to roads so drivers can see you 
  • Always wear a helmet when cycling, hat hair is a small price to pay for an intact head 

Remember your why 

Revisit ‘why’ you want to make changes and improve your health and wellbeing. Our ‘why’ can change over time and sometimes we need to rest and renew our goals too. 

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