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Training & Support

We can help you better understand diabetes and lifestyle medicine and engage your patients in often difficult conversations about reducing their risk, weight management, alcohol reduction, smoking and physical activity.

Upcoming Events

Webinar: Preventing Diabetes: Who, Why and How

Treatment for type 2 diabetes accounts for around 10% of the annual NHS budget however it is largely preventable through lifestyle changes facilitated by the National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP). It has helped thousands of individuals reduce their risk.

In this webinar, hear from Dr Richard Pile on the benefits of preventing diabetes to the patient, practice & system and learn everything you need to know about making an NHS DPP referral to Thrive Tribe.

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Raise the issue - Empowering conversations with your patients

We understand raising the issue of diabetes and lifestyle medicine can be difficult. This is why we offer all HCP’s access to a free online training centre that contains bite-sized learning videos.

What we offer

  • Bite-size learning to fit your schedule.
  • Latest practices with lessons using healthcare professionals’ expertise.
  • Practical advice you can start using right away.
  • To enhance and upskill your knowledge on health and behaviour change.

Boost your confidence and achieve better patient outcomes by learning tried and tested ways to have positive conversations around preventing diabetes, weight management, obesity and smoking cessation.

Access over 50 bite-size videos, articles and tools, all highly practical and accessible on the go! Do as little as 10 minutes learning a day to fit around your busy schedule.

Keen to see behaviour change in your patients? So are we! Learn how to bring conversations to life and continue your professional development with our easy-to-implement content.

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What we cover

Discover new ways to have an even bigger impact in your role. Our learning experience makes it quick and easy to develop new skills and have successful conversations with your patients around obesity and being overweight.

We present the latest evidence-based thinking with bite-sized videos, articles and practical tools you can use on the go. Fit a life-changing video into your tea break. Read our top tips in those moments waiting for a patient to show. Or pop on your headphones and learn while you’re on the move as you hear clients talk first-hand about the role health professionals have played in their weight loss journey and the difference one conversation can make.

We’ll teach you simple but powerful, effective ways to:

Who we help

We help Health Care Professionals who would like to:

Raise the issue. Learn how today on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.